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Easy to get started sample reference microservice and container based application. Cross-platform on Linux and Windows Docker Containers, powered by .NET Core 2.1 and Docker engine. Supports Visual Studio 2017, VS for Mac and CLI based environments with Docker CLI, dotnet CLI, VS Code or any other code editor.

Release Date Download
3.0.0 Latest Release 26-11-2019 Source Code (Zip)
2.2.0 21-03-2019 Source Code (Zip)
netcore2.2 03-01-2019 Source Code (Zip)
2.0.8 12-11-2018 Source Code (Zip)
2.0.7 05-06-2018 Source Code (Zip)
2.0.6 11-04-2018 Source Code (Zip)
bff-merge-into-dev 05-04-2018 Source Code (Zip)
v2.05 05-04-2018 Source Code (Zip)
v2.0.5 05-04-2018 Source Code (Zip)
dev-force-reset-bff 28-03-2018 Source Code (Zip)
2.0 27-10-2017 Source Code (Zip)
netcore1.1 05-09-2017 Source Code (Zip)
edu 11-07-2017 Source Code (Zip)
vs2015 14-02-2017 Source Code (Zip)
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