deepfakes/faceswap Releases (8)

Non official project based on original /r/Deepfakes thread. Many thanks to him!

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Release Date Download
v0.99.1 Latest Release 29-06-2019 Source Code (Zip)
v0.99.0b 25-06-2019 Source Code (Zip)
v0.98.0b 13-05-2019 Source Code (Zip)
v0.97.4b 09-05-2019 Source Code (Zip)
v0.97.3b 03-05-2019 Source Code (Zip)
v0.97.2b 31-03-2019 Source Code (Zip)
v0.97.1b 23-03-2019 Source Code (Zip)
v0.97b 21-03-2019 Source Code (Zip)
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