FiloSottile/mkcert Releases (9)

A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.

Release Date Download
v1.3.0 Latest Release 02-02-2019 Source Code (Zip)
v1.2.0 07-01-2019 Source Code (Zip)
v1.1.2 25-08-2018 Source Code (Zip)
v1.1.1 19-08-2018 Source Code (Zip)
v1.1.0 13-08-2018 Source Code (Zip)
v1.0.1 30-07-2018 Source Code (Zip)
v1.0.0 07-07-2018 Source Code (Zip)
v0.9.1 04-07-2018 Source Code (Zip)
v0.9.0 04-07-2018 Source Code (Zip)
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